Monday, January 31, 2011

1/31/11....Rey Rey scores 30 pts in creativity today folks! Panda kites were even flyin' and more and more randoms walking by too

 dope hat rey rey....dig tha addition woop woop,')
 mr denman and his friend senor seagull
 if this is ur grandma i think she's cool
 woa bro cool hat

 if ur friend is wearing boardshorts, shouldn't u be wearing them too?
 easy cowboy
 lol rey rey's gone fishin'

 yup silvia, i think he's got somethin big
 ...or not lol its kites!
u def scored ten points for creativity today rey rey!
oh shat wait, 20, cuz ur 3rd st hat add south beach sk8 rats was dope 
 make that 30...he wins the most creative pose duo category today too miss jules

1/30/ flat we took a field trip off the beach

 the closest thing to a wave i saw all day

 chucky love...bro u even got 'em on the key....

 and then i found myself back at teds w balls around my neck...
( mr jerry and senor red)

surfline chart