Friday, June 29, 2012

6/28/12...The Highlights: yes Debby was jamming South Beach

tony g


gamez again
and um...again....epicness

lancey dropping in
and slotted on this one
hottest mer lady ever
pretty hot wave from the jetty


ya marley...

new maneuver: duck diving and dropping in same time...

yes we all smilin'

and now a public service announcement......
The boys are back!
Be on the lookout opening date bringback NFA classic hiphop/ Funk / Disco-Friday July 20 2012 EPMD live with Erick Sermon Art/Music/Fashion   Saturday nights--- Faded ---Nu-Disco /Tech / DeepHouse / IndieElectro

6/28/12...and Debby was jamming, set 2

epic swan dive
go gamez go!
ya rico
and tony g's friend steven... told you he made that one drop..
this that same wave a few shots later

big flip, laughing....ahhh stoked
dope hat ivan, where'd u get it? lol ,')
calvin with the pure stoke face :) love it
chamo checking out the um, surf 

lol, judah musta seen the same um, set too ahaha
then i looked up and woop woop!!! guess who i saw flying all around...
marley back in town!!! yay!!!!!!
and Nestor too woop woop!
 pretty pretty melissa cruising by, love this chica, uber rad, charging too
rico was ripping, and rocking rad shorts
lol. its art
i mean really? yes i um, definitely took this photo exactly like this on purpose... 
good and crooked
high five to chamo tho, he was straight killing it...

then this guy walked by and near killed me
but then whew! these sets came in and ahhhh i could breathe again

but um...

surfline chart