Tuesday, October 30, 2012

more yum.... I heart Sandy ..South Beach part2


tanner strohmenger (and i thought my last name was fun)
cory lopez

david begley. go davo go!

oliver kurtz kills it

even in a speedo haha
ahhh kidding, showin' us some leg, love it :)
5 (oops skipped a few) 
another good one a him coming soon, stay tuned...

ahh such a rad swell

raddest tho was wardo rocking a 3rd st hat whut ahaha classic.
kai man ran up, gave it too him...classic. all time,')

Saturday, October 27, 2012

10/26/12--10/27/12....yum Hurricane Sandy, South Beach

aight..an appetizer...
asher n
big lips
fly five? cody thompson
mr. ward

with his dang sexy layback...yum 
small one down by the jetty w lighting accidentally tasty 
mr c. lopez
and davo showing him im sure kindly whom runs that peak :)
all goods, cory got plenty 
ronnie k i think that u
i might be wrong but this one oliver kurtz for sure

all anonymous
and south beach going a bit
and deliciously lit
and split
too bad mr. ward found some baggies to wear this session...
ahahaha ahhhh dawn patrol. early bird gets the um, worm? Fing classic...
 totally did get there before lifeguards tho
pretty impressive. oh so retro

dust spots on this one totally intentional...
oops...just noticed them now. roll with it. lol
oh and ftr....
KOA...is the cutest puppy EVER.  ever ever. omg 

surfline chart