Thursday, December 30, 2010

12/28/10..ahhh when the surf gets small the shots get artsy....

fun w/ filters....
its a trip that just a day ago sb was going ricktor, um ricktor? richter? ahhh thank u spell check lol
that master's degree got me far huh ahahahaha ,')

i think this one wins, but u r fine to have ur own opinion



the cielo was rad tho

yes, guys, i'll take ur pic

awww a big : ) face over 3rd how cute ahaha

yes yes, the real colors today

lil barrels, biggest was maybe thigh high

real colors again, pretty sick 
if it gonna be flat, it might as well be pretty lol
(yes, i am a girl, can u tell?)

when those annoying water spots do right sometimes...
happy accidents i choose to call them
(however, it is really due to my inability to get my lazy bum to the damn shot to get that rain-ex...)
oops ,')

this one was kinda cool already by itself, or well, at least i think so

i will make u famous

and take a picture of ur hat when it looks like it um, something else

what do u see here?

(ya don't worry i dont see anything all that cool/interesting either, just thought id ask in case maybe u do..)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

shot by david, F'ed w by me....12/27/10later in the pm

and so by the time i paddled out...the swell had dropped already... um, had ta get a little artsy ta spice it up a tad ahahaha
ya chuckie woop woop..1


alek parker.....flyin all over the place

the guy that snatched my camera from me was gettin a lil snap happy...and most are um, funny, so thought i'd go ahead post so that ahhhh we all sit here laugh at fun ,')

oh yeah, i'm pro....two boards watch out....
(i kid i kid...look close at how beater both those boards are, classic)

when in doubt, just go chrome

haven't shortboarded in a's see how that goes

since chuckie so rad, i had ta post these two again diff color  

 so pro, quiver, ya....

um.....nice ghetto rig on that fin.... ahahahaha ,')

ya bro i got it....1

bro even got in my face a sec...2

really?? i got it thanks....3

or um....4

maybe i dont....5   ahahahaha

even gave a real nice greeting to lou....6
it is common curtesy to run over your friends when you first paddle out

then ya, got worked

F this, big red's comin' out

the waves were so small and boring i had to well i don't really know what i did to these but they at least started seeming a tad mas interesting ...1








after u run ur friend over once, the next sweetest thing to do is flip them off....
all in good fun of course
ahahaha u know i <3 u lou :)
(he a damn good photog)

this grom was soooo cute, charging, going for it....wish i was his size....1


ya, thought u supposed to a pro....oh yes that's right, u meant to have your finger in the lens...ahahahahaha muah!

chuckie! you again....woop woop

...if only i was the height of that grom.....then maybe i'd fit

surfline chart