Wednesday, August 31, 2011

8/31/11...models and babes

peace! mama's out...goin; swimmin'!
and oh dang watch out! kai man's baby sittin'
emma is the freaking cutest
ya ya kai man pretty cute too lol
(my fave shot for sure)
emma rocking a mohawk..rebel yell lil girl!
ok ok it was a yawn, ahaha to cute tho
ummm hmmm
think she gonna be a model too someday ,')
do i really have to give her back?
mama virginia says yes, bye babe cakes! besitos :)
and model melanie lookin' beautiful while mr denman the swede shoots
he uber fab photog if anyone needs one...high fashion stuff, he the best around hands down. 
for real. he rock star status. no joke
...even makes me look good once in a while, and that is Fing straight dificil...
 i the worst [non] model in town ahaha
check his work at:

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8/30/11... street lamps and rainbow pieces...couple dolphins and waves too

sebastian under da rainbow :) :)
was way pretty out 
kai man up and riding
kai man spotted the dolphins..
(left side) so rare we see them out here..
but last few days ya, guess the bay is dirty from all the rain :(
then i spotted kai man cross-streppin'
and me on blue...

and there it was
shhh no tell anyone... lmfao ,')

lol...the lamp post 3rd and ocean was um...shining extra bright that nite...

: D

Monday, August 29, 2011

8/29/11...rainbows rule

it super faint but it there i swear..look left side
popped out just after we ordered the LBL...SBU wrist bands for da paddle out...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

8/28/11....aloha dudley :) a paddle out for a legend..

it was beautiful....

(the rest i do in the order that i took them:)
kai man had a board caddie lol, gracias papo!

surfline chart