Friday, February 27, 2015

2/19/15...and she does it again... Thank You South Beach

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2/12/15.... Yes we heart you South Beach..

(in no particular order...)
starting with Mr.Ayash i believe..
And Mr Mark Gamez of F1rst  

__________ (anyone know whom this is tho?)
_________ (unknown unknown unknown, gawd i the worst knowing whom)
__________(this guy got some good ones too)
I do know this is seƱor MJ Sizemore...the sequence is hot, i post it at some pt. 

Out the back! ha Government Cut 
melon i think these next few you ya?
(please correct me if i wrong)

los de la vega on a bomb
davo? i should know if u at least regular or goofy but...oops lol

Richard was getting the goods all day long... 

this guy? got a few good ones

shayne again

lighter or dark? ok both ha ,')

pierre that you?


it is not nice to drop in on your friends... especially not on rico.  (i think that u) 

oh hey look there's amy, and pickens in her shades! I can't believe that hat is still around..
3rd street Vintage edition haa
and hey there is the Mr. ! :) MJ jamming again... this sequence is stupid good too.

awww .. the next surfer girl 

Bobby's all "yep my dad is in that barrel" 


surfline chart