Thursday, August 25, 2011

8/25/11.....and south beach was (nearly trying almost kinda) going for a min from irene

so it wasn't close to as large as hoped/expected/predicted/prayed etc.. 
yet some fun ones still coming in

tony g sequencing 

and chucky (finally on FB, joining all the rest of us in this millenium ahaha <3 u) 

wazzzzup boyz :)
and me gettin' my neon disco stilo groove on...
in da frequency, winning da heat for most seen
all eyes on mr g 
i think he in like at least half a these

(not) papo up an riding

and senor lou..1
dj tony g (again)as the squall coming in lol
raul tambien
ya lance-o
and ahhh a lil more neon disco fever...mmmmm

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