Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/23/12...Lots of style, lots of barrels, and one almighty Claim

Mr Bruns, to be outdone in style by no one, even matches the big ass ship behind him
and then we have THE JAY CLAIM.. so grand, earning all caps...and witnessed by all
even by shayne, mid-air down the beach at jetty peak
yes some sets were coming in
chucky won the heat
(see the barrel sequence last post?)

with shayne a close second

tho yes, i admit, Mr Bruns did get a couple
Matty got some goods ones too

everyone was pulling in

so many barrels

ya alexander
get in there son!
and greg, im impressed, think all of his hair even got into this lil one 
this one my fave, uber style winner of the day

CSl chris ,')
kai man got some
then got some pretty alright shots of me
nice work kid
this wave was just pretty. what was that davo was saying bout moons and stars? ahaha
god love south beach
and oscar stylie

these guys... redefining style for us
what a fun day

oh and btw, this grom? dont know whom he is but he was straight up killing it! hot
tyler and kai man representing...ahh grom's rule!
and my new garden does too... how's this sequence
ya ya not quite a barrel, but um, still pretty dang cool
had no clue i'd be so into it. the garden. never been one for green thumb.  shat every plant i had prior for sure died... but now? snap, it so fun. so dope
oh yes and the sink it workin' now too woop woop!
...until next swell....much <3

surfline chart