Sunday, March 18, 2012

3/17/12...Tony G & Annie T's 3&o party @Jeronimo's was um, dope

Thanks to all those whom came out representing! Was a blast fo sho :)
and the art was up and hanging..
 (all printed on aluminum with a high gloss finish. they look pretty insane.
 shout out to my boy Mirza, ya he rocks) 
snapped these jus prior to party starting..
Jeronimo's is such a dope little venue.  If you not been by there yet, u gotta come check it out (and not jus cuz my prints are up for the next few weeks.. tho not for nothing, they kinda worth checking out too ,')
814 1st street, south beach
so i raced home to shower up and hurry back with the slideshow dvd and god i love this chica, as soon as i walk in....Bianca, so radly comes up to hand me my flower. How she knew, and oh so how cool that it was the exact same kine kai man gave me to wear at the Oceana event 2 weeks prior.. <3
hat wall representing
(sista Gena even drove down yay!) 
slide show rolling
Dj tony G jamming
And the party was on!!!
rosie, jenn and rey rey giving up sum 3rd st love...
i actually kept forgetting to take pics til alexi was all, "girl get your camera.." duh. forgot that what i do for a min. oops! ahaha all good, got a few at least!

Gena and Tommy Lee
Gena and me
master specialist CSl on the left and then sista Gena and me (again)
my flower from B actually stayed in for a good min but guess by this pt :(
G!! in for the yellow recovery..
And yes, the awesome action shot... 
ahaha, cept i the one moving not them oops
aww can't forget the me an papo shot :)
got one with bill tambien. And his new white hat so he can be sure to match! love it 
ahhh so fun
and so damn funny... is the sign in the bathroom there, pretty all time....
Jeronimo's and the 3&o good life for a nite ,') 
Reuben and Yvo made it out! woop woop
good stuff for sure on a rad st paddy's day pm
and then it was goodnite... :)

all good if no made it, the prints will be up for the next few weeks, and maybe we work out a round 2 on the party stilo if enough of you wanting it..hit me up if yes!

Friday, March 16, 2012

3/16/12...FAU's Surf History Opening Night, MSAP representing :)

If you have not heard about it yet, do check it out:
MSAP (miami surf archive project) board members:
steven manning, annie tworoger (me), lance-o, and michael laas

you definitely need to get up there to see it.

.the exhibit is fascinating.
MSAP donated quite a few of our archive pieces

this is my pick for a test ride ,')
this one looked pretty nice too
mr lass and i were admiring the paint job on this one

it is definitely worth the drive me
am rainbows always start the day off nice :)
oh and so does getting this shout out in the Herald for my event tomorrow nite! ... yaya!

Miami Herald's Nightlife PICK OF THE the dope fresh shindig that gonna be jamming @ Jeronimo's tomorrow nite what! ,')

featuring music by master spinmaster 
the one and only

Come out!

oh and ps, no dad that is not my, i was taking the photo (duh)
not for nothing, he not the only one that actually asked me that. C'mon guys, really?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

surfline chart