Thursday, March 31, 2011

3/31/11.....Girls Day Thursday!! (a few dudes too) and a moment of silence for Japan

ya karen!
woop woop and alison :)
<3 wave
and a : ) face in the water
janelle was posted up holdin' court
and big mike (love this guy) cruised by say hi
tony g and devyn
dude, pickens, i swear, she looking just like u
: )
and here we gots D and his ladies
getting ready for the photo shoot..
:) over the tower

oh snap, looking hot what! ,')_
janelle take 2
and i swear not for nothing, this girl one of the prettiest i ever seen 
(and um, i not into chicas, just gotta give da credit where it due;)
and awww my fave birdie even flew by say hi...
(not really into birds either lol)
...but these ones dope, MAN-O-WAR bird, aka frigate. They soar in the wind currents with their wicked wingspan...usually u see em circling up high, guess this one was cruising down for some eats.  
(that ur science lesson for the day)

And this our moment of silence for the day:
Time mag cover i passed by earlier, the image stole my breath away for a minute..
We all tend get caught up in our daily crizap...but none of us (or at least a very few) have EVER EVER experienced devastation like this. I certainly have not. Not yet. <3 
next to that cover was this one...
hope it not all coming to an end
because in all sincerity...

 we all really do live in a heaven on earth...
(only just depends on how u choose perceive it)
it hard sometimes
but i try choose see the smiles
take a minute..try and see a lil different

lotta rad stuff around..

and um,
 this one just made me laugh (mi medicina of choice) lol
my stairs ready yet or what?? wtf

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


(um, sorry the shots kinda lame today cuz i was having waaaay too much fun surfing) 
damn it was so fun today
and i think this the tallest dude i ever saw
kai man, bird, and mia
bird on my board
take 2 cuz it too cute

rey rey is stoked and silvia is glowing
ya rey rey

go bird


mia and kai man

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3/29/11....we glow in the dark at 3rd st

lancey's pretty lady

and um...

the sun tried peek out for a min

ya kai man

ahhhh my new magica

kai man shot this one
and ya tomas, this one....
and this one ,')
kai man got artistic on this one
see at 3rd st we straight glowing 
:  )
: II 
oh snap, and forgot...these ladies kai man's fave....

surfline chart