Thursday, September 1, 2011

9/1/11... LBL we love u!!...the paddle out

all da south beach crew out for much love 
and pier rock...
 rad gift for LBL's brother Oscar to take home... :)

(the rest i post in the order i shot them....
cristina tagging the collage up
Kalvin gettin us all ta circle up
all the speeches were awesome
Ace's turn
and lancey's
papo's turn, i mean red's ,')
so beautiful
and glen...he had some funny stories...classic LBL
u can see cristina cracking up in background, love it
all the lil wahines so pretty
love this one :)
oscar speaking :)
bro hug

the gift of the pier rock....
nice! :)

big ups to red we all circled up again...
how amazing awesome is this last shot??!! (thanks to the bad ass photog that shot it!!!)
had to take a pic of the pic 
gives me chills, the good kine :)

..meanwhile, back at the home front...
kai man AND buddy were um, painting ahahaha

surfline chart