Monday, February 28, 2011

2/28/11....even flaco's rocking it 3rd st....(surf was fun btw) a proper vato...
ya flaco
and keidy
(if anyone needs a dj, this dude is good..way good)
keidy take 2
 and ya mav-dog...lookin' fly
but u gotta love this guy
scoping all the ladies as they walk by....
men, if ur bottoms skimpier than mine, we got a problem
 we were quite a pair him and i, watching all the walkers-by
 this is the technological age ladies and gentleman: 
he's all wired up and ready to go and she's in the water having a cell phone convo 
guess us surfers really are a different breed
 nada mas lovely than a pretty wahine
 shayne's cousin is that you hitting it on the right?
 plumbers' butt walking by
 top turning woop woop
 ya rey and mav in his shades
flaco take 2, ya bro wazzzup! been long time
finesy's was dark
 so i got artsy
chan gettin' goofy
and glowing in the neon 
ya silvia sils! all stylie
 and pablo p merdock the 3rd big pimping
(see i told that one is money)
 super man and ocean having a convo bout the new hat
 ..but i think superman found lois lane way more interesting
 streetkind's own, MATT

rey rey got a new one too....
he had it all
but he forgot his
go rey rey go! underwearin' it ahahaha
 and then there were these guys
 ya u
3 over 3rd st

and my new biz cards woop woop

Saturday, February 26, 2011

2/26/11....all lined up

all in a line
ya wtv...
we see u, 3rd st

and these 3
(dope hat luka)
these guys doing it 2
ya um these chicks tried the whole line thang too but um ya....
love hot chicas... but dumb loud ones? not so much.
god they were donkey. loud and donkey not really ever such a great combo.  add to it all the slutsy and you get=
well, u get me laughing at u, a lotta others' glares and stares
..perhaps u had to be there, but um, i think jenn's face explains enough.  lol how's big flips stern gaze? love it
....ya, girls. we weren't impressed

but aww we love you rick!
this chica waay cool, 3rd st representin' :)

and yay karla finally got hers
and Luka man u are just too damn cute

here we got greg's before and after pics...
ahhh yes much better... ,')

and los jumping up w his
 this guy was doing ballet
ahaha...and how's this old guy w the baby.. love it
this shot has a few things off
but the hostess w the mostess miss silvia sils has it all going on!
dig the new one u rockin' chica
usually all we see is her smile cuz she so tan, but here it cuz she backlit lol ,')
here is mr brush
....wearing the wrong hat
lol ahaha...i let u slide this time cuz ahhh it was nice to have u carry big red
rad to see u bro
and here is me whilst tonite's fab dinner making:
 "so wow, i have no Fing clue how to bake this turkey, but aww how cute, a <3 shape potato, cool!"

simple pleasures 

surfline chart