Monday, December 15, 2014

The Sequences 12/9/14..

Tanner goes full on missing for a min on this one....

you gotta love water color here south beach
pretty lil insider, sand bar swallows him after the next shot tho

And now Davo's turn...

Yes yes he stays in a couple more shots and then comes out and does a turn....
Duh its davo..but i gotta get back to real work. Fing real work ,')

Yet, before I last sequence...
Gracias a Gordo/ El PuPi Extraordinaire, for getting me in this one....

yeewwww! ahhhh sooooo fuuunnnn. 
Thank you South Beach, more please 

Tuesday was a gooood day.... 12/9/14

(in the order that i shot them i think.....)

the rest of this Tanner sequence in the next post


this set was bombing. check how thick that lip is...
oh and pardon the chick

PS. Wasn't me dropping in on you this one Pierre!!! haaa

surfline chart