Saturday, May 14, 2011

ART WALK TONITE!! @ 2 NE 40th MIAMI...starts around 7pm, come and see some of my pieces along w/ a bunch of rad others up and hanging

opening for ART WALK tonite as a pre-viewing
come on over, check it out! come say hi! i'd be super stoked to see all u gals and guys!
the main event is next Saturday nite....
if you are interested in attending, rsvp
  for donating and/or more info on the tap project, go to 
the 3 my pieces hanging :)

mr denman in the waiting room
and me in the ladies room, self
snapped just moments after completing the monumental 6'x4' collage on metal install..
a sweet blend of utter exhaustion, stoke, relief (no more pieces got damaged), accomplishment (no had to make too many extra holes this time on the wall ahaha!...can't quite say the same for the wall i first tried bust it out on.....oops), amazement, awe, and ahhhhhhhhhh...
now i can go home catch up on some long time craved and long time missed zzzzz's 
the building itself is super rad too.  the space.  the gallery.  the people.  the place.
dope set up for sure, so stoked 
(thanks miss ap, and mp, and dr gabe for including me!)
 (and sorry u had to stay last nite extra late!)
hope to see lots of you there ART WALK tonite!

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